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Our basic program consists of a three-year-long hybrid residential and online training with an hour intensity of 1.400 hours divided into six semesters. Each semester has a series of online modules and one residential intensive. This basic pensum can be complemented with two or three more online modules and a dissertation lead by Ubiquity University; granting a MA or PhD degree.


Each semester is usually divided into four or five modules, each with a duration of eight to ten weeks.  The program includes work in the online learning platform, forum interactions, a weekly webinar, complimentary reading, practical exercises, and meetings with the tutors. Webinars will be interactive (with Q & A) and led live by experts in the psychedelic field, but a recording will be stored in the learning environment for a short period of time for all students who were unable to attend the live webinar or who would like to watch it again. There will also be online sitter/tutor meetings once in a while to prepare students before intensives, provide support and follow up between classes, and support with integration.



The other half of the program (700 hours) is committed to experiential work in our intensives: dietas, initiations, and pilgrimages. Half of the intensives are focused on experiential transpersonal therapy, the other half take place in indigenous territories: Cofan reservations in the Amazon, a Bwiti village in Gabon, and Wirikuta the peyote pilgrimage site in Mexico.


Half of the intensives are retreats dedicated to experiential psychotherapy where students will have the opportunity to do personal work, healing, and self-knowledge while at the same time learning first hand from expert psychotherapists while they work with amplified states of consciousness, psychedelics (respecting local laws), bodywork, gestalt, family constellations, and meditation. We have one ten-day transpersonal retreat each year for a total of three throughout the program.


In these retreats, students will have the opportunity to work on their personal journeys, descend into the dark, murky dredge of their own emotions and challenges and heal, while learning important tools and methods of transpersonal psychotherapy.  By working on themselves and learning the basics of transpersonal psychology, students will have sufficient experience and knowledge to guide and accompany other people's therapeutic processes. 


During these retreats, students will also have the opportunity to practice the tools and methods learned with their peers while being supervised by experienced transpersonal psychotherapists; understanding that apart from personal transformation, supervised hands-on practice is the best way to really acquire knowledge in the therapeutic field.


The other half of the intensives consist of pilgrimages to indigenous territories where students will begin to build relationships with authentic psychedelic communities and elders while learning from their shamanic traditions and power plants. We are usually received as locals as we have been developing relationships with these communities for many years. They have all gifted us tribal land inside their reservations where we have built small retreat houses and have held pilgrimages and retreats of this sort many times. In this training, we will have one pilgrimage per year interspersed with the transpersonal retreats. Although most of the time will be spent learning from the shamanic practitioners and journeying with them through the nights, there will also be psycho-therapy classes throughout the day.

Through years of conversation with the political leaders and spiritual elders of these communities, the intensives in these territories are carefully designed to give voice to what these traditions want to show to the world, respecting and honoring their traditional ways.



Here is our planned pensum for our next cohort. You can also download a calendar view in PDF with dates here:



Noesis -Transpersonal Retreat

10 days - Guasca, Colombia

Self-knowledge, gestalt, authentic movement, 5 rhythms, breathwork, core shamanism, and experiential dynamics around the inner healer, the triune brain, and love. First-hand experience with psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and group work.

Charlie Keck, Lila Vega, Luca Castellano, and supporting teachers

Character and Neurosis - Enneagram

Within the retreat

Ethics and Care

10 weeks - Kylea Taylor

Psychedelic Crisis and Harm Reduction
Historical and philosophical concepts in psychedelic therapy
Psychopathology and Mental health



Dieta- Sia Theci: the song of the black jaguar

10 days - Ai-Cofan Reservation, Amazonas

This pilgrimage takes part within a Cofan reservation in the jungle where students will be able to have access to the oldest and most knowledgeable shamans of their tribe.

A'i Cofan community and elders

Defense Mechanisms and Depth Psychology

Within the retreat


8 weeks - Jonathan Ott

Entheogenic Shamanism(s)

8 weeks - Susana Bustos


weeks - José Carlos Bouso

Transpersonal Psychology

12 weeks - Jorge Ferrer


4 weeks 



Ecstasy -Transpersonal Retreat

10 days - Guasca, Colombia

This retreat is a deep exploration around death, birth, and ecstasy. In addition to personal work, there will be space for therapeutic tools and models to be practiced. Students will begin to support supervised psychedelic sessions between each other.

Jorge Llano, Lila Vega, and supporting teachers

Systemic therapy and family constellations

Within the retreat

Entheogenic Shamanic Practices: Principles & Tools

8 weeks - Susana Bustos

 Perspectives from Gestalt and Systemic therapy

10 weeks - Beatriz Vega

Psychosis, spiritual emergency, and spiritual competency

10 weeks - David Lukoff & Lila Vega

MDMA & entactogens

12 weeks - MAPS MDMA Therapy Training (part A), Marcela Ot'alora, and Torsten Passie



Wirikuta Pilgrimage - Following the footprints of the Deer

10 days - Wirikuta, Mexico

Wirikuta is the main pilgrimage site for the Wixaritari-Huichol people. Each year hundreds of Huichol shamans journey to Wirikuta in search of the sacred peyote. Students will quest for vision in this sacred territory and perform mitote ceremonies with Huichol and Lakota elders.

Wixaritari Huichol community and elders

Polarities in Psychotherapy


Ayahuasca & dimethyltryptamines

8 weeks - Anja Loizaga

Psychedelic mushrooms & Psilocybin

weeks - Malynn Utzinger


6 weeks - Torsten Passie

Iboga & Ibogaine

6 weeks - 

New chemicals and other ethnobotanicals



Emptiness-Transpersonal Retreat

10 days - Bahia Solano, Colombia

Our third retreat explores links between psychedelic medicine, meditation practices, and oriental philosophies; especially Taoism, Sufism, Advaita Vedanta, and Dzogchen. Most of the retreat is in silent meditation, including the psychedelic sessions.

Keith Dowman, Lila Vega, and supporting teachers

Mindfulness approaches in psychedelic therapy

Within the retreat

Transpersonal Psychology II

8 weeks - Jorge Ferrer

Entheogenic Shamanic Practices: Principles & Tools

weeks - Susana Bustos

Sound and Music

8 weeks - Joel Olivé

Somatic therapies

6 weeks - Devon Christie

Legal Panoramas for psychedelic therapy, research, and activism

6 weeks - Ismail Ali



Bwiti Initiations

15-20 days - Gabon, Africa

The Bwiti community in Micodí has a mixture of Pygmaea, Massango, and Mitsogo shamans. They will offer us three initiation ceremonies: Initiation into Mabangi (feminine path), Missoku (masculine path), and Dissoumba (forest path). Students will be able to initiate in one of the three paths that they choose and learn from the other two as apprentices and co-healers.

Pygmea, Massango, and Mitsogo community and elders

Supervision Group Work

Within the retreat

Social Practice and Supervision

Social practice is another area in which this program transcends the framework of a regular educational program, reaching into the power of cultivating an attitude of committed compassion and transpersonal activism towards health and wholeness. Students will be able to choose between projects in our partner psychedelic retreat centers and clinics, or projects conducted by the ONCA foundation or our partner non-profits. Each student will be assigned a supervisor or mentor who will support and supervise the psychedelic practice of the student performed during this time.


ONCA has established a partnership with Ubiquity University opening path to pioneer graduate degrees based on the emerging psychedelic field. We are offering a a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Integrative Psychedelic Therapy, and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Psychedelic Studies.


The MA Degree is composed of 126 credits. The basic program (shown above) consisting of 108 credits, is complemented by the following: 

Ubiquity University Core Courses (8 credits): A set of 2 required courses


Dissertation (10 credits):

At the end of your coursework, you are required to write a dissertation. Please see our Dissertation Manual for more information.

These two modules and the dissertation (18 credits total) are all led by faculty from Ubiquity University and must be paid directly to Ubiquity.


This Doctorate degree is composed of 155 credits. The basic program (shown above) consisting of 108 credits, is complemented by the following: 

Ubiquity University Core Courses (11 credits): A set of 3 required courses


Dissertation (36 credits):

At the end of your coursework, you are required to write a dissertation. Here is a link to our Dissertation Manual.

These three modules and the dissertation (47 credits total) are all led by faculty from Ubiquity University and must be paid directly to Ubiquity.


For many generations, lineage and supervision by the elders have been the main procedure of certification for psychedelic medicine. For this reason, we have gathered some of the main pioneers and experts in modern psychedelic therapy; and because western psychedelic therapy is very young, we have also gathered the most respected elders and social leaders of three root psychedelic traditions. We have also committed one entire semester to clinical supervision, and facilitate supervised hands-on practice since the third semester. 

Additionally, upon completion of the three-year program, students will receive a certificate for 1,400 hours in Integrative Psychedelic Therapy. Students that wish to receive a Certificate for Transpersonal Psychotherapy (ECTP) accredited by EUROTAS (Global Transpersonal Network) can continue their professional practice for one more year under regular supervision and, after completing all the EUROTAS/ECCA Criteria for Certification,  apply by direct award to obtain the EUROTAS Certificate for Transpersonal Psychotherapy (ECTP).

Our Master of Arts (MA) degree in Integrative Psychedelic Therapy and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Psychedelic Studies are both accredited by Ubiquity University.

Because psychedelic therapy is an emerging field, we intend to continue to stay up to speed on legal changes in different countries and jurisdictions to maximize compliance with other accrediting standards around the world as they emerge.

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Rosalie's fifth day into mabangi initiation

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