Including tuition fees, tax, food, and lodging during all six intensives in Gabon, Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador; the investment is of 3,500 USD per semester.

As a non-profit, after paying staff and teachers, 100% of the income left will be reinvested into social projects. The psychedelic therapy training is not only a harm reduction and educational project but also a way for ONCA to fundraise money for other projects of social impact. If you are interested in supporting scholarships, we invite you to make a donation here.



Placement requests for 2021's cohort will be available soon.  

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The process of application includes a background, interest, and goal statement; an essay, and two interviews with the academic director and the tutors. There is a small and limited number of placements available.


Including tax, tuition fees, food, and lodging during all six intensives in Gabon, Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador; the investment is of $3,200 USD per semester. There is also an enrollment deposit of $1,800 USD that during the last semester will cover extra expenses of clinical supervision and/or Bwiti initiation.

As a non-profit, 100% of the profit earned through this project will be invested in supporting the conservation and defense of ancestral knowledge in psychedelic indigenous communities. If you are interested in supporting scholarships, please consider a donation here.

We offer the option of going over the program in a slower manner by postponing one of the pilgrimages of each year; in this way reducing to $1600 USD the payment of the semester in which the pilgrimage is postponed.



We are accepting placement requests for our cohort starting in April 2021 and for another cohort starting in October 2021. At the present moment there is still space, but by the time of your interview the cohort for April may have a small waiting list. Please apply for an interview if you are open to enter the waiting list for April, or if you want to save a place for October.

For our application process, we prefer to have personal online interviews: you can reserve an interview appointment through the button below. This will also be a space where we can address any further questions you might have. Our application fee is $50 USD.



This training is offered strictly for educational purposes only. It does not promote, condone, or facilitate illegal activity in any way. Remember that for the time being, some psychedelic substances remain illegal in many countries. Psychedelic Therapy Training and ONCA offer education and harm reduction, but are not responsible for how psychedelic substances are used by trainees outside of supervised sessions.


This training will make sure that students have an ample array of tools and experience to accompany psychedelic therapy processes, but due to government  regulations, for the time being the Psychedelic Therapy Training cannot and does not offer medical licenses for students to provide psychedelic-assisted therapy services. 

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