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- We are experiencing a powerful rebirth of psychedelic therapy and a rapid globalization of shamanic practices related to psychedelic plant medicines.

- These treatments and ceremonies are having incredible effects on the health of many people in need and possibly even in the health of the planet in general by supporting empathy, ecology, and peace.


- Although there is much enthusiasm among healers and social leaders to facilitate psychedelic therapy, unfortunately access to proper training and therapy supervision is extremely limited.



The ample need for psychedelic based healing, its high demand, and the lack of training possibilities are such; that in many cases ceremonies and therapies have been led by poorly prepared facilitators. We seek to reduce risks by making available knowledge in areas such as careful screening, drug interactions, pharmacodynamics, emergency protocols, psychopathology, spiritual emergency, and basic medical and psychological knowledge in general.




Psychedelic research is experiencing an important renaissance. Organizations such as MAPS, HEFFTER, BECKLEY, ICEERS, AWE, USONA, and many others are leading cutting edge research that will very soon lead to changes in psychedelic regulations and approval of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy prescriptions. Therapies assisted by substances such as MDMA and psilocybin may be approved for FDA’s expanded access program as soon as within the next year or two. We are interested in beginning to prepare therapists in extensive training such as this three-year program. Our training includes classes led by some of the main therapists involved in these studies.



Ibogaine clinics for addiction treatment and the treatment of personality disorders are flourishing in places like Mexico and Costa Rica. Ayahuasca centers in Peru, Brazil, and Colombia host more and more retreats every year. The Native American Church, Santo Daime, UDV, and other churches host legal ceremonies in the United States with sacraments like peyote and ayahuasca. Certain places permit legitimate wild mushrooms, peyote, san pedro, yopo, bufo, and iboga ceremonies. Some therapists have turned to unscheduled chemicals and botanicals. Our third year is focused on social practice and supervision of psychedelic therapy in legitimate contexts such as these.



We are a nonprofit interested in the power that psychedelic medicine can have to amplify consciousness and connect people with the sacred, and we are especially interested in the power that adequate psychedelic medicine facilitation can have on our planet and for our species. 


We are working on psychedelic research in South America; and we have strong relationships with many indigenous communities with whom we have been developing projects to defend their spiritual traditions, territories, and lifeways. You can learn more about us at

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